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    Calypso Hamster Cage - Small Animal Cage, 3 Storey
    [ART 405]

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    Calypso Large Hamster Cage

    Height: 51 cm
    Width: 44 cm
    Depth: 26.5 cm
    Includes: 1 x Silver Base, 1 x Wire Cage, 1 x Wire Roof, 2 x Plastic Platforms, 1 x 14 cm Wheel, 1 x Ladder, 2 x Tubes, 2 x Hamster Houses, 1 x Bowl and 1 x Water Bottle
    This Brand New Calypso Hamster Cage is a fantastic unique cage that has just become available, there is no other product quite like it. The platforms of this cage were designed with both owner and hamster in mind. The layout of the cage can be easily rearranged so it can be made personal to you. The Calypso can also accommodate a much larger hamster wheel. The platforms of the cage have indentations so that the bowl and hamster houses fit neatly into them. As with all our products, this cage is made of non-toxic materials.

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