1. Dexter 2 Storey Large Hamster Cage - Blue


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    Dexter 2 Storey Large Hamster Cage - Blue
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    Dexter Large Blue Hamster Cage


    Size: (H) 37 x (W) 46 x (D) 29 cm



    Suitable for: Syrian Hamsters

    Gap between bars: Approx 7mm



    Elements: 1 x 150ml Drip Resistant Drinker Bottle, 1 x 6" Wheel, 1 x Heart Shaped Feeder Dish, 1 x Handle, 1 x Front Door, 1 x House, 1 x Top Door, 2 x Ladders, 2 x Solid Plastic Platforms


    The Dexter 2 storey hamster cage is delivered flat packed and is easy to assemble. This hamster cage is designed to meet your pet's expectations. With the cage you get a drip resistant drinker bottle, 1 exercise wheel, a colour coordinated heart shaped feeder dish, 1 house for the hamster to stay in, and 2 solid plastic ladders to access both levels.


    The contents of the cage can be re-arranged to suit your preference, including the platforms. In addition to this, this new version has a deeper base compared to the old cage to give the hamster more room to play in, to stop it from making a mess by kicking up the sawdust, and to make it easier to clean the cage.

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