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    Fantazia Blue & Lime Hamster Cage - Three Storey

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    Fantazia Blue & Lime Hamster Cage - Three Storey



    Fantazia Blue Hamster Cage - With Sparkle - (Fantasia)

    • Size: W: 40 x D: 27 H: 55cm
    • Gap between bars: 7mm approx
    • 1 x 150 ml Non-Drip Water Bottle
    • 6 x Play Tubes with Sparkle
    • 2 x 6 Inch Hamster Running Wheels
    • 2 x Heart Shaped Feeding Dishes
    • 1 x Hamster House With Glitter
    • 1 x Strong Carrying Handle

    The Fantazia Blue Hamster Cage - 3 Storey - is made with all of your pets needs in mind. The Fantazia Blue Hamster Cage is complete with durable and washable plastic with a sparkle built into the plastic casing. Each floor is fitted with wire bars with doors so that you have easy access to your animal.

    The Fantazia Blue Hamster Cage - 3 Storey - is ideally suitable for Syrian Hamsters and Golden Hamsters but can also contain all types of Dwarf Hamsters, Chinese Hamsters, most breeds of mice (mouse) and similar sized animals. Package Pets also provide instructions on how to construct your Fantazia Blue Hamster Cage via instructions on the back of the box and we also have a youtube video which is located below.

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