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    Hamster Exercise Ball With Glitter Blue, Pink, Yellow & Clear. 7 inch Screw Fix
    [ART 313]

    Price:  £3.99


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    Hamster Exercise Ball With Glitter


    Available in BlueYellowPink and Clear


    Size: 7 inches



    This Hamster Disco Ball™ is an ideal gift for any Hamster. This ball allows the Hamster to mix play and exercise, making it more enjoyable for the Hamster and more motivated to keep in good shape. This product is designed to screw-fix together which makes it stronger then conventional play balls and is suitable for Hamsters, and other small animals. As with everything else we sell, all of the materials used for this toy are non-toxic.


    This product has been Trade Marked and we are a proud seller of this amazing product. This product is the best way to get your pet to love you even more and to reward them, so go on spoil them, you know they deserve it.



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