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    Harness With Lead, By Trixie - Rabbit Guinea Pig
    [TRI 6150]

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    • Size: (W) 8mm x (L) 1.30 m
    • Elements: 1 x Rabbit Harness With Lead
    • Finish: Nylon
    • Available In: Red, Blue, Purple, Black
    • Suitable for: Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
    This colourful Rabbit Harness with Lead will keep your pets contained and stop them from escaping or getting out of control. This Rabbit Harness with Lead is made from nylon to provide comfort for your pet as well as security, and is suitable for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. This Rabbit Harness with Lead comes in 4 different colours and is fully adjustable.
    We only have limited stock so we can't guarantee colours but we will do our best to accommodate.