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Natural Dog Treats with Chicken Natural Dog Treats with Duck Natural Dog Treats with Turkey Natural Dog Treats with Black Pudding Natural Dog Treats with Beef Natural Dog Treats with Salmon
Natural Dog Treats with Chicken / Rice / Vegetable Natural Dog Treats with Duck / Rice Natural Dog Treats with Turkey Natural Dog Treats with Black Pudding Natural Dog Treats with Beef Natural Dog Treat with Salmon
Natural choice Dog Treats are known to provide dogs with a more satisfying, healthier alternative. Helping with your dog’s general health and well being, when combined with a good diet and plenty of exercise, natural dog treats can assist with reducing the likelihood of your dog being prone to irritating skin conditions and digestive disorders, whilst improving your dog’s immune system and general quality of life. Package Pets: Pet Supplies UK provides an excellent selection of tasty, succulent natural dog treats that will stay fresh for up to 12 months. Package Pets Natural Dog Treats are made with real meat, vegetables and rice and contain nothing artificial. The natural dog treats range include chicken and rice natural dog treats, black pudding sticks, chicken and vegetable bites, duck jerky, salmon bites, turkey necks, duck necks, turkey and rice natural dog treats and beef sticks. Why not take a look at our range of dog bowls, Dog Crates and dog beds from Package Pets: Pet Supplies UK

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Research has shown that pet keeping can bring a number of health benefits, both physically and mentally. Keeping a pet dog for example, can provide us with an incentive to exercise more, help control our blood pressure and help us to feel secure in our homes. Other pet - related studies also show that domestic pets such as cats, birds, hamsters, fish, reptiles and other smaller animals like guinea pigs, rabbits and rodents can also help enhance our mood and general well being, reduce stress and improve self esteem. Package Pets; Pet Supplies UK aims to promote the message that since our pets provide us with so much unconditionally; They are worthy and deserving of the best treatment possible! We want to encourage all pet owners everywhere to treat their pets to products that assist good health and keep them mentally stimulated - healthy, tasty treats for them to eat, fun toys for them to play with, new beds to sleep on and new gifts for them to smell and explore!