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    Natural Dog Treats Duck Necks 6 Pieces Gluten Free 100% Natural

    Price:  £5.30


    Natural Dog Treats - Duck Necks Dog Treats


    6 Pieces

    Average Weight - 30 - 40 grams Per Neck

    Average Length 13 - 16 cm 

    Average Width 2 - 3 cm wide


     These products are 100% Natural and have originated from young ducks. The necks have been cleaned and air dried over a period of time. They have also had a smoked flavour added whilst being dried. They are very clean and smell delightful. This is a 100% natural treat, it contains duck meat (from the neck) and also the duck bone which is soft to chew and very crunchy but will not splinter. The duck bone is full of vitamins and nutritional values. Your pet will love these treats!